Real Estate Law

  • Negotiating Real Estate operations;
  • Real estate divestment operations: corporate Real Estate or real estate sales;
  • Investment operations: Project finance, mortgage financing, structured financing;
  • Acquisition or incorporation of real estate companies;
  • Urban allotment and legalizing illegal settlements;
  • Drafting contracts for construction, works, exchanges, lease, sales with or without encumbrances, mortgages;
  • Framing of the taxes attached to choice of contract;
  • Creating and changing horizontal property;
  • Drafting and negotiating any type of real estate contract;
  • Planning the eviction of leased buildings;
  • Contracts for the use of buildings (lease, assignment for the use of land, etc.);
  • Charging rent;
  • Negotiating, reviewing and updating old rents;
  • General defence of ownership/ejectment;
  • Litigation: evictions, recovery of land possession and title, usucaption, easements, rent collection, necessary repairs in leased buildings, damages caused to rented property. Tax Law and Litigation.

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